Heat Exchanger Manufacturers

On a Heat Exchanger Mission - Worldwide

Shell and Tube

We manufacture ASME Section VIII compliant shell and tube heat exchangers.

Our streamlined manufacturing process makes our deliveries quick and cost effective.

Air Coolers

Let us build your custom Air Cool Sections for a fraction of the competition's price.

Our experienced and capable staff have built a plethora of air coolers. Discover the difference.

Custom Fabrication

We can engineer and fabricate almost any industrial heat exchanger design.

Pulp and Paper • Oil Refining • Power Generation • Wood Pellet • Steel Mill • Chemical • Automotive

Since 1995 Worldwide Exchangers, Inc. has offered a variety of services for the heat exchanger market, including machine work, shell and tube, air cool, fin fan, fabrication, tubing, on site help and installation. Our machine shop produces a wide variety of finished parts. Our fabrication shop produces all types of equipment. Worldwide has maintenance and repair experience on almost all levels of heat exchangers.

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